How to effortlessly reduce your plastic waste and take care of your skin with SOAP SUBS from No. 29

January is the time for us to make new years resolutions, and think how we might like to live happier and healthier in the year ahead.

Well, with the launch of SOAP SUBS, we’ve got a solution to help you:

  1. Reduce your plastic waste
  2. Look after your skin, and
  3. Stay at home and reduce the spread of COVID

Say hello to SOAP SUBS, the brand new soap and shampoo bar subscription service from No. 29 Natural Soaps!

Sign up now, and every month you’ll receive handmade, natural and nasty-free soaps and shampoo bars straight to your door without any fuss.

This month, our Soap Subscribers will be receiving bars of Ylang Ylang and coconut soaps delivered directly to their homes, and you could enjoy this fantastic service too!

When you sign up to SOAP SUBS, you tell them how many soaps you’d like delivered each month. 

Your first SOAP SUBS will be despatched as soon as you complete your order.

On the 1st of every month, you will be charged automatically and this month’s curated selection of soaps will be shipped directly to your door. 

You can also choose to add on Shampoo Bars to your monthly delivery. Just tell them how many you’d like when signing up and the guys will get them out to you in your usual soap order!

The selection of soaps are chosen by the team at No. 29 each month, but if you have a particular request, just let the guys know at and they’ll do what they can!

Have we convinced you? If so, sign up using the button below!

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