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Post by Toby & Dom at Sir Toby’s Beers

Thank you to all of the traders who stayed open late last Thursday, Friday and Saturday and to everyone who came to the market to support the shops and food stalls, in particular on a very wet Day 1.

Last weekend we spaced out all of our seating in the aisles of the market and the smells were amazing! We did this for two reasons – we wanted to give everyone a bit of cover as well as wanting to make all of the market traders feel part of the event. However, due to demand for bookings, our positive experiences in the summer and direct instruction from the Public Protection Department at Norwich City Council we are moving shop and creating an awesome space at the top of #NorwichMarket. 

The area inside the aisles of the market has been determined an enclosed space and therefore not appropriate for people to meet up with their friends and family from outside their own household. Seeing your family and BFFs for a quick bite to eat and a #mulledwine is so important at the moment and something we want to offer in our outside space. We also don’t want to have ‘that awkward conversation’ which is a little intrusive from a host and always going to be a bad first impression. We have got it all worked out and can’t wait to update you on our plans.

Bookings for groups of 1-3 and 4-6 will be available imminently! Please bear with us whilst we get the bookings sorted on the website (sirtobysbeers.co.uk) and keep an eye on our stories for the first updates on this. We also look forward to announcing the numerous stalls that are super keen to join us again this weekend. To pass the time whilst you wait it might be advised to have a rummage for your thermals, warmest coat, scarf and a couple of pairs of gloves. Thanks again and long live the independents!

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