The Great Market Walking Tours: Back Once More!

Tours of our Great Market by Paul Dickson |

Local Historian and Tour Guide, Paul Dickson is back running his Great Market Walking Tours once again!

The tour is a 1½ hour guided tour in and around Norwich Market, celebrating 940 years of buying and selling at the heart of the city, including a cup of tea at Birchley’s Loose Leaf Tea (tea of your choice).

The tour looks at the impact of the Normans; the growth of the Medieval Market and the Paston Letters; the great church of St Peter Mancroft; the role of the Tollhouse and later the Guildhall; the market as a place of execution and entertainment; the long lost Market Cross; the coaching era, the inns and the diaries of Parson Woodforde; pubs, banking and the Victorian era; shoemaking and the story of Start-Rite; the building of City Hall and redevelopment of the market in the 1930s and 21st century changes.

Tours dates now released until November 2021.

Find out more and book your tour now!

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